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Gautam and Gautam Associates is an organization, constitutes a group of keen and energetic architects and interior designers of varied experience, who undertake building department and design tasks. Since setting up in 1979, the firm has earned respectable experience and its expertise to cater the requirements of multi various building projects.

The firm Offers a full range of architectural and planning services including feasibility studies, programming and system analysis, master planning, contract documentation and project monitoring, architectural, landscape and product designing, conservation and restoration, building maintenance and supervision site management.

To keep abstract with the technical advancements, the firm is using extensive and sophisticated computer appliances for designing and detailing of the projects, inevitable in today’s scenario. The firm is committed to produce creative design based on careful research individually tailored to each project and through knowledge of building processes and technologies. The firm lay emphasis on the quality of design, careful supervision of its execution and close collaboration with the clients.

Each project given the same individual attention and is treated as a unique opportunity to improve the conditions of space for a particular function. The conditions that apply to one project will never apply to another. Each project will therefore always have its own sanctity and identity.

The organization designs all types of buildings and has deliberately becoming too specialized by not concentrating one particular type of project, Such diversity in design provides stimulating cross references. The unique nature of the various projects inspired one another.

In all project undertaken, human scale is taken as the starting point, with special regards for the human need for warmth, care and variety in the environment. The design reflects the clients thoughts and significant features of the site and the architects views on architecture at the point.